Obnoxy and the majesty of Kangaroo Island

I wanted to share some majestic photos from our Kangaroo Island property we are currently visiting. We try and keep the location a secret, but still get the odd few tourists coming through with their SUVs on the beach anyways. 😐 This landscape is special to me. I've spent hours roaming the groves and gullies,… Continue reading Obnoxy and the majesty of Kangaroo Island

LoveSecretsGod is finished.

Heyo! Its finished. ​The GUI is a bit buggy, but I have no clue how to fix it, and its a bit shallow to worry about that in my opinion. side_snake_mad This is the first game I've created, finished and uploaded all by myself! Usually I made games for jams in groups, and was incapable… Continue reading LoveSecretsGod is finished.