being an outcast

I feel like an outcast. It all started with being a fish out of water as a South Aussie studying in glitzy Los Angeles. My female peers around me initially coyly flattered me, whether it was complimenting on my art or my outfits. When I tried to get to know them better, I would learnContinue reading “being an outcast”

Self loathing

Vent. Don’t care if people read this. It’s hard to describe this feeling. A feeling that I am ugly and unlovable, even in all my efforts, I cannot escape it. I am indulging in this dark voice by writing about it however, I am also telling it to shut up. I went into the AdelaideContinue reading “Self loathing”

Digital healing

DDR has saved me. Red Gatorade saved me. Friends saved me. Dogs have saved me. What does all that mean? Well, I made this blog due to wanting a fresh start. Most of all, Susumu Hirasawa is saving me. I will explain how psychosis has affected me later, when the pain is far behind meContinue reading “Digital healing”