From crib to corporate cage rectangular voids have raised us. We gawk into these portals every waking second of every day. The sparkling labyrinth is cruel and twists and turns us towards dead ends in its halls of mirrors.

being an outcast

I feel like an outcast. It all started with being a fish out of water as a South Aussie studying in glitzy Los Angeles. My female peers around me initially coyly flattered me, whether it was complimenting on my art or my outfits. When I tried to get to know them better, I would learnContinue reading “being an outcast”

Self loathing

Vent. Don’t care if people read this. It’s hard to describe this feeling. A feeling that I am ugly and unlovable, even in all my efforts, I cannot escape it. I am indulging in this dark voice by writing about it however, I am also telling it to shut up. I went into the AdelaideContinue reading “Self loathing”