kindness, how?🍂

I started a course in Disability Support today and am anxious for one thing only.

stay in your place (or else)

I would like to do more daily posts to talk through some anxiety. Life has been full of fear for me. Anxiety, dread, sui*id*l ideation, low self esteem you name it. For two bloody stinking years. My current goals are just to enjoy socializing, daily activities, breathing and simply existing without fear and sadness. To… Continue reading stay in your place (or else)

Dark Nightcore of the Soul

I treated myself to an indulgently long shower after coming home from school, it's the sort of thing I never take the time to do. Sitting down on the pale pink tiles and listening to the pitter patter of the water, I assess my body. While squeezing my face towards my fleshy thighs I spy… Continue reading Dark Nightcore of the Soul