Tranquillization. Olanzapine. Akathisia. Laughter.

Below I started to remember PTSD around the visions I saw when psychotic. Basically the equivalent of Guts watching Femto and Casca um… get what scene I mean.

like a wounded bird

I went manic after Kentaro Miura’s passing two months or so ago. I’m still as upset as can be. I started this post back then, but have been manic all the way up until now.

Confessions of a Griffith apologist

Once you have it, now what? Now you are the white dove in a large cage, without the capacity to regret. How purely empty you are, with those beady pale eyes staring far off into the distance again.

In Defence of Eroguro

You can call it gross and creepy. You can call it a disturbing kink that is specific to Japan. I call eroguro a thematic and aesthetic choice to express the fragile, filthy and transient nature of being alive. Horror is a big part of my life. I have read comics, watched films, looked at illustrationsContinue reading “In Defence of Eroguro”