kindness, how?🍂

I started a course in Disability Support today and am anxious for one thing only.

stay in your place (or else)

I would like to do more daily posts to talk through some anxiety. Life has been full of fear for me. Anxiety, dread, sui*id*l ideation, low self esteem you name it. For two bloody stinking years. My current goals are just to enjoy socializing, daily activities, breathing and simply existing without fear and sadness. To… Continue reading stay in your place (or else)

my thoughts on gamedev (not that I matter or anything)

I took a few months off from working on game projects. For a few reasons of being exhausted with life and frustrated with my work. So last year I started my first big solo project called Rubble and Rust. I worked on it consistently and hard for half a year, until "mania" hit me and… Continue reading my thoughts on gamedev (not that I matter or anything)

LoveSecretsGod is finished.

Heyo! Its finished. ​The GUI is a bit buggy, but I have no clue how to fix it, and its a bit shallow to worry about that in my opinion. side_snake_mad This is the first game I've created, finished and uploaded all by myself! Usually I made games for jams in groups, and was incapable… Continue reading LoveSecretsGod is finished.

velarization is a word

Title is reference to a linguistics term. Since my name is Vela, it has been funny hearing about the Velar, a 'soft palate at the back of the mouth'. Yuck. It started raining mega hard this morning, early aussie winter level rain. I have been studying Linguistics, French, Japanese (despite my self-taught experience) English literature… Continue reading velarization is a word