outsider art [dump]

I’m recently interested in doing coloring book style work because my dream is to use my art for the greater good, preferably working in art therapy.

like a wounded bird

I went manic after Kentaro Miura’s passing two months or so ago. I’m still as upset as can be. I started this post back then, but have been manic all the way up until now.

born before 2000

I am in school with kids born after the year 2000. We had to say our birth years in Fran癟ais.Holy shit. I Googled images of early 2000s anime, admiring the mulleted anime boys wearing long sleeves under their short tees.

Confessions of a Griffith apologist

Once you have it, now what? Now you are the white dove in a large cage, without the capacity to regret. How purely empty you are, with those beady pale eyes staring far off into the distance again.