Rubble and Rust

Rubble and Rust is a horror and coming-of-age visual novel set in rural South Australia. Created in Ren’Py engine. 18+ for adult themes and violence.

With nothing but barren stretches of grass around, the River Murray isn’t the most exciting place to spend the summer holidays. Bel soon learns there is a boy living in the usually vacant holiday home two doors down. They form a friendship despite their age gap, but she is unaware her friend is concealing more than he lets on.

My story is about fighting the stigmas around mental health and victims learning to love themselves after trauma. This story draws from my lived experience with psychosis and insanity, unlike those who misappropriate stories from us victims.

Featuring photos taken during the early 2000s around the River Murray, South Australia, Rubble and Rust is about lingering memories of childhood from this dry and dusty corner of the world.

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Art, code and writing all by me, vela(moondisorder)

By vela

Just your typical temperamental yet passionate redheaded. Experienced in insanity, art, writing and life.

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