Vela. Writer. Artist. Indie game dev. American and Australian citizen.🦘🦌 Studying Japanese and French 「日本語+français」. Horror genre enthusiast. Atheist. Loyal, curious and strong-willed dreamer.

Bipolar. I have experiences with trauma, but have worked hard to heal. Without that smothering toxic positivity from people that don’t know actual pain I want to honestly share my lived experiences.

Just your typical temperamental yet passionate redheaded. I live in bloody’ South Australia. Needed a digital space where I can be me. Please don’t formally contact me if you haven’t read my blog.

I write mature 18+ often. Read the warnings and tags.


私は双極性障害人だ。外国人の味方で難しくて長い言葉だ。英語でこの病気は単に「バイポーラ」と呼ばれてた。怖くないで。未来に精神病人々などの苦難の認識に戦っていたい。 私も「サイコシス」を経験しまった。 バイポーラについて日本語でしゃっべているの興味がある!日本で精神病人々の経験に聞きたい。 コンタクトページでメールを送ってください。

I am a long time fan of Caster and Ryuunosuke Uryuu from Fate/Zero. I kin with Gilles de Rais completely, now that I consider it. This pairing represents a completely chaotic, morbid and insane chemistry. It’s hard to sum up simply. For a few years running, they are comfort characters I turn to to remind me that weird love exists. I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.

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