wish mad pride was twendy UwU

I don't want 'mad pride'. I do not want my soul tied to a word that is associated with a rabid slobbering mutt that needs to be put down with a rifle. A sad and terrifying dog that must be killed otherwise it will destroy itself and all the creatures around it. I have experienced… Continue reading wish mad pride was twendy UwU

Dark Nightcore of the Soul

I treated myself to an indulgently long shower after coming home from school, it's the sort of thing I never take the time to do. Sitting down on the pale pink tiles and listening to the pitter patter of the water, I assess my body. While squeezing my face towards my fleshy thighs I spy… Continue reading Dark Nightcore of the Soul

inferiority vs. self love

I started school and hardly have time for myself in the evenings. I am writing this in complete darkness. Playing some TOOL from my playlist. The angry and extremely sexual lyrics about anal sex and LSD trips are too abrasive to listen to on my early morning commute. It is almost 9pm ACDT. This is… Continue reading inferiority vs. self love