Mea culpa

The final moments of my life drew near. I was pulled up to a wooden platform and prepared for being hanged. The jeers of peasant folk below me were eagerly anticipating my death.

My Big Psychotic Break [3]

Warning: Mature content. The worst.⚠️⚠️⚠️ That night I was certain I had to save the world. I had no knowledge of what was happening in reality, but in mine I thought everyone was doing a ‘non-stop posting’ on Instagram to support BLM. Unfortunately in my world, everyone was blind to the truth, they were beingContinue reading “My Big Psychotic Break [3]”

My Big Psychotic Break [2]

Apparently it is common for psychotic patients to black out most of their experience. Often the only thing they remember is recovering in the hospital. That did not happen to me, for better or worse. This is a continuation of my recount of my psychotic experience from around June 2020. I cannot pinpoint the boundaryContinue reading “My Big Psychotic Break [2]”