Soft Flesh and Stone Walls

This pain was so exquisite. His body was deflowered and slathered with all the filth this revolting human body had to offer. Somehow, it made him feel so full. He ruffled his coarsely cut hair then tilted his head backwards at the endless dark ceiling and laughed.

velarization is a word

Title is reference to a linguistics term. Since my name is Vela, it has been funny hearing about the Velar, a ‘soft palate at the back of the mouth’. Yuck. It started raining mega hard this morning, early aussie winter level rain. I have been studying Linguistics, French, Japanese (despite my self-taught experience) English literatureContinue reading “velarization is a word”

born before 2000

I am in school with kids born after the year 2000. We had to say our birth years in Français.Holy shit. I Googled images of early 2000s anime, admiring the mulleted anime boys wearing long sleeves under their short tees.