If writing is so easy then where is your visual novel

That is what most game devs don’t understand. It’s not all about lazers or fantasy orcs. It’s not about stats and rolling die. Being a programmer isn’t all of makes you a real game dev.

born before 2000

I am in school with kids born after the year 2000. We had to say our birth years in Français.Holy shit. I Googled images of early 2000s anime, admiring the mulleted anime boys wearing long sleeves under their short tees.


From crib to corporate cage rectangular voids have raised us. We gawk into these portals every waking second of every day. The sparkling labyrinth is cruel and twists and turns us towards dead ends in its halls of mirrors.

Confessions of an ex-Griffith apologist

Once you have it, now what? Now you are the white dove in a large cage, without the capacity to regret. How purely empty you are, with those beady pale eyes staring far off into the distance again.

ikigai algorithm

How do I know its ikigai? I’ve hardly eaten in the last 4 days and can’t even peel myself from the computer.

making a Visual novel

I saw a background that looked deep-fried with 40 Instagram filters overlayed on top. That is when I decided that was the final straw. I’m making my own tacky visual novel.


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